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Cole Testimonial

“We met Janet Curtis in July 2007 on our first visit ever to Tennessee. We were planning to relocate from California and felt more than a little lost, as we knew no one and did not know the area at all. We had worked with several realtors up to this point, but they didn’t seem to understand our needs and hopes.Driving around in our rented car, we spotted a home offered by Janet Curtis and gave her a call. Explaining our situation, she arranged to greet us within moments of the call. From the first meeting, she took our breath away.

Comfortable, charming and professional, she put us instantly at ease as we began our story and told her what we were looking for in a home and about our large extended family that was to follow us. We felt she had all the time in the world for us as she listened attentively and actually understood our needs.

She said she had a unique property available and proceeded to show us a darling brick home with two acres that only she knew about! We fell in love with it the same day and asked her to help us secure the place. Since we had to go back to California, Ms. Curtis took over the negotiations with the then current owners, she took care of everything, met with the inspectors and prepared all the paperwork to be mailed to us so we could finalize the transaction. We don’t know how we would have done it without her!
We arrived at our new home after dark on Christmas Day, exhausted from a five day caravan drive with three family cars. There wasn’t a single restaurant open, our moving van was due to arrive a few days later, it was basically like we were camping out, we had none of the creature comforts of home. Imagine our astonishment when we walked into our new house, and there, in an otherwise empty living room, was a fully decorated Christmas Tree with a huge basket of food goodies in it for us to dive inito. Janet had taken the time to create this magical moment. Our spirits lifted as we all realized we were finally home!

Our family, which is large, has purchased three homes so far with Janet Curtis’ help and we have all made a successful transistion from our beloved California, to our newly adopted home of Tennessee.

Janet’s care and attention did not stop after the purchase of our homes. We still call her when we need to find a good plumber, painter, or ask for a recommendation for a nice restaurant. It would have taken years to accumulate the handy references of wonderful people and places that she has shared with us. We are pleased to say a wonderful working relationship has blossomed into a caring friendship that has made our transition a truly enjoyable one.”

Janet and Greg Cole