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Gluttari Testimonial

From the first text to the first meeting, Janet has felt like family to us. It was obvious, even for our 14 year old son, that Janet was serious about finding us the perfect home. Even before we knew where we wanted to focus our home search, Janet devoted 2 whole days to showing us around the Nashville area; helping us to find the best fit for our family with the best commute to work.

Before we were ready to purchase a home, our fast approaching relocation date has us switch gears into finding a rental for the first year. Again, Janet had our best interest at heart and worked quickly to help us find a rental home within our desired school district. We jokingly refer to the search for our temporary home as "speed renting" because we need a home so quickly and Janet helped make it happen in a span of a couple of evenings. Once we settled into our rental, Janet periodically checked in with us to ensure that we were all adjusting well into our new town.

When we were finally nearing the end of our lease, Janet again sprung into action to help us find our own home (Even in the midst of a pandemic!). Janet is very professional and thorough; helping us to make sound decisions in our home choice. Her knowledge of the area and market was a valuable asset for writing and acceptable offer on our homes. Janet is amazing, loves what she does and will be with you through the entire process.

Derrick & Heidi Gluttari